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15 Ways To Enhance Your Backyard

Create or improve outdoor entertaining areas in your backyard in Downers Grove, IL and surrounding areas Add some unique lighting fixtures A quick, simple, and cost effective way to spice up your backyard aesthetic! They can be electric, candle lit, or even no light at all. These fixtures can set the tone for your backyard, […]

13 Kitchen Trends for 2020

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Here are the trends in Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, and surrounding areas. Thirteen kitchen trends that we are seeing in the upcoming decade. Overall, people are loving the simple and clean design. With our lives being busier, we are finding that people love to come home to a zen […]

10 Reasons To Start Updating Now

1. Improve the home’s value A home is an excellent investment when you put a little TLC into it. A simple update can go a long way! The value of your home will always fluctuate with the economy but a little renovation is your way of controlling the price tag put on your home. Little improvements […]

COVID-19 Updates

Safe Building Protection and Controlled Environment Norway Built has instilled updated procedures and regulations regarding building safely following COVID-19. The way the world conducts business will and has changed. We want our clients to know how things will change, and what to expect so that building can be done safely, comfortably, and with confidence moving […]