15 Ways To Enhance Your Backyard

Create or improve outdoor entertaining areas in your backyard in Downers Grove, IL and surrounding areas

Add some unique lighting fixtures

A quick, simple, and cost effective way to spice up your backyard aesthetic! They can be electric, candle lit, or even no light at all. These fixtures can set the tone for your backyard, and are the beginning stage to setting a theme to this space.

Build a fireplace and firepit

Perfect way to keep you, friends, and family warm on a chilly summer night. There are many ways to accomplish this little upgrade. You can find a DIY fireplace built into the ground with pavers and sand, build a brick fireplace into the patio, or even pick up a simple chiminea from your local Home Depot. Who doesn’t love making s’mores around the camp fire? You can also opt for any outdoor heating element, like a heat lamp.

Put up a pergola

Pergola offers comfort with very little to no maintenance. They add a completely new architectural element to any backyard. You can also train vines to grow through the structure and this also creates a privacy wall from neighbors. They provide a little area of shade in which you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Add a privacy wall and decorate it

If you are lucky, you have plenty of green space between you and your nearest neighbor. The rest of us could maybe use a little help to make your space is a little more private. This addition doesn’t have to be a big eye sore. One option is planting trees or tall bush. Add some lattice, or pallets and grow vines to intertwine through the wood. You can also set up portable partition. We suggest googling ideas to accomplish this one, as there are many different options and some easier than others!

Install screens

Whether you add screens to an existing structure, or create a space with screens, this is an excellent addition to your backyard. Simply because it eliminates everyone’s biggest obstacle when spending times outdoors; bugs. Sun goes down, bugs come out. This way you can entertain outdoors, eat dinner, or read a book without getting bit up!

Invest in a projector

What’s better than watching a movie indoors… watching it outdoors! Especially scary movies! You can get screens from Four Seasons Sunrooms that double as a movie projector screen. You can pick up both, a screen and a projector, for as little as 250 dollars.

Create a little seating area

Create an area for gatherings, for people to sit around comfortably and enjoy the outdoors. Sounds like a no-brainer. They have plenty of cool ideas you can DIY with wood pallets, or re-purpose all furniture for the perfect patio seating. Be wary of wicker furniture when shopping this idea. While it seems to suit the outdoor living aesthetic, the material doesn’t wear well.

Install a Fountain

This is a fun addition to the backyard for some nice relaxing background noise. You can get a small one that sits on top of a table, one that you hang from a wall, or a stand alone. This feature can be added for as low as fifty bucks!

Add a hammock

Perfect way to escape reality and relax in tranquility. Take a nap, read a book, or watch your favorite show on Netflix! You can pick up a tree hammock, hanging chair hammock, or even a hammock stand.

Garden! Add plants and landscaping

A little bit of landscaping will go a long way. You won’t know the difference it makes to your backyard living area until you get to experience it first hand. Don’t breeze by this option!

Create an outdoor bar area

If you like to entertain guests outdoors, this is a good option! More than one way to go about creating a back yard bar, you can do a stand up bar or even a push-cart bar. This is always a big crowd pleaser.