COVID-19 Updates

Safe Building

Protection and Controlled Environment

Norway Built has instilled updated procedures and regulations regarding building safely following COVID-19. The way the world conducts business will and has changed. We want our clients to know how things will change, and what to expect so that building can be done safely, comfortably, and with confidence moving forward. These are just a few items that we are adopting as standard procedures moving forward in business. As more information becomes available, our ways of operating in business will adapt to conform with safer construction standards.

Everyday Job Site Procedures
  • All employees are expected to follow CDC guidelines in addition to the following company procedure.
  • Specialists and workers on job site will actively refrain from touching surfaces that are not in need and will sanitize with hospital-grade products any areas worked in after the day is over.
  • Creating a single path to get to and from the area being worked on
  • Masks and gloves worn
  • Build Clean Machine ™ Hepa Air Scrubber
  • If any Trade is required, they will be brought onto job one at a time, following all guidelines
  • Project management software for communications, designs, calendar, and selections are all in one place
  • Google Meets and/or Zoom Meetings with owners
Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Sunroom or Any Interior Remodeling
  • Set up Build Clean Machine ™ with Hepa filter
  • The remodeling project is clearly separated from the rest of the home with plastic zip walls that are taped and sealed from floor to ceiling
  • Walk path has Rosen paper, drop cloths, or carpets covered in adhesive-backed plastic
  • Based on client discretion; Porta Potty will be brought onto job sites that require more than a couple of days of work, other jobs will have designated bathroom that will be cleaned and sanitized every day, or all on-site employees will be required to find off-site relief areas.
  • Any outdoor work would be completed prior to opening the home for remodeling
  • Set up a separate area of the home to for essential home functions (i.e. kitchen in basement)
  • Selection samples can be brought to clients following the above procedures
    • Cabinet door
    • Countertops
    • Tile
    • Paint color index
    • Plumbing fixtures / online options
    • Light fixtures / online options 

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