13 Kitchen Trends for 2020

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Here are the trends in Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, and surrounding areas.

Thirteen kitchen trends that we are seeing in the upcoming decade. Overall, people are loving the simple and clean design. With our lives being busier, we are finding that people love to come home to a zen space where clutter and busyness are absent. Custom storage spaces are huge, so everything has its own designated place. White cabinets are still king but now we are seeing people adding a hint of color throughout as a theme. Your kitchen is an extension of your being, and it is guaranteed that you will spend a significant amount of time in the space every day so it’s a good space to invest in and make it your own little safe haven. 

1. Open Shelving

This trend isn’t for the faint-hearted! If you are relatively tidy and don’t mind the upkeep cleaning, this is such a cool way to organize your kitchen. Open ShelvingIf you would rather hide the cups and plates, this design element can also be used to display some art, cookbooks, picture frames among other things. Either way, it’s a very clean straightforward way to organize or add a trendy design to your kitchen this year!

2. Color Pops

The kitchen in the heart of the home. In the past, people didn’t decorate or plan for this space to be a focal point, but that’s all changed. Most people gravitate towards the kitchen, namely an island in a social setting. Color Pop AppliancesFrom bright blue hood appliances, colorful backsplashes, to an attention-grabbing paint job; people love to WOW in the kitchen. Even just some cute little decor on the counters can make a big difference. Statement hood vents are really big this year!

3. Blue Cabinets (Or Just Blue, In General)

The color blue has many varying shades. From a blue sky to a deep navy blue, they all harbor a sense of calm and comfort. While white has still proven to be a force to reckon with, dark colors are in this year! Blue cabinetryThey are easy to contrast with and tie in a pop of color with hardware, appliances, and other fixtures. That being said, homeowners starting new or remodeling are taking navy blue cabinets for a test run, and they are performing well!

4. Brass Hardware

We love this trend against dark cabinetry the most, but even creates a nice little harmony with white cabinetry as well! Contrasting textures in the kitchen is huge this year. A polished brass faucet can act as a shiny focal point in a neutral kitchen. Brass hardwareIt creates a super modern feel to a trendy kitchen or even cosmetic update in an older kitchen. Moreover, mix and match metals and finishes are also an upcoming trend. We are loving the look with the gold brass and a glossy or flat black mixture!

5. Custom Storage

Kitchen trends will always come and go, but the necessity of effective storage space will never go out of style. There is really no limit to what you can do with this category. From custom crock pot storage, K-Cup drawer, and plate organization, to a pull out spice rack. Check out Pinterest to see how people are using this trend to their advantage!

Custom Kitchen Storage

The biggest driving force here is that people don’t like things on the counter. More and more, we are seeing that people like the counters to be empty and their storage free of the normal kitchen clutter. As shown in the picture above, you can see a toaster in the drawer that actually has an outlet so it doesn’t have to be moved at all!

6. Smart Kitchens and Appliances

Smart Kitchens

As our phones get more and more intelligent, we are a little bit more reliant on performing tasks quickly and effortlessly. Mimicking this in the kitchen is important for the fact-paced lifestyle most people live. We are seeing voice-activated appliances, fridges that record its contents and allow you to display your calendar, create shopping lists, and play music. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a “smart” kitchen!

7. Quartz

There will be no denying that granite will never go out of style. Quartz is quickly gaining popularity as it is very durable, anti-microbial, and lasts virtually forever. Quartz CountertopsWith advances in technology, you can find Quartz with many different styles, colors, and patterns. It can be used in harmony with the rest of the kitchen aesthetic or can even be an accent piece for the entire kitchen.

8. Single Level Multipurpose Islands

The kitchen island is here to stay, no matter how kitchen trends may change in the coming years. Thus, the market just keeps on adapting them to consumer needs. What started out as a little extra island space to cut the dinner vegetables, is now a focal point in the entire kitchen. Kitchen Island RemodelThey are being used as dinner tables, counter space with an extra sink, storage, or even just an architectural conversation piece in the kitchen. You really just can never have enough counter space. Our clients love these islands, check out some single level multipurpose islands in Downers Grove, and surrounding areas.

9. Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is still a huge trend. Whether you pick out some colorful glass tile for a little pop of color or stick to a quiet subway tile, it always adds an extra “oomph” to the walls. Kitchen BacksplashNow you might see people picking out an entire slab to act as a backsplash. Which could be Quartz, marble, granite, or any material you like. This is one of our favorite ongoing kitchen trends because it’s a simple way to upgrade the space while being cost effective!

10. Channeling The Outdoors

Who doesn’t love a little more natural light in the kitchen? This is one of the many kitchen trends we are seeing more and more lately! Homeowners are adding glass doors, entry doors, or huge windows to make the indoors connect a little bit more to the outdoors. Natural Sunlight Kitchen RemodelConnecting the two spaces makes it easy for seamless outdoor entertaining on the patio or designated space. Even just enjoying a patio family dinner together on a summer night to switch things up! Having that space accessible to the kitchen reminds you to step outside for a little bit of fresh air more often.

11. Standout Sinks

Overhang Sink

What’s not to like? A bigger sink and a simple yet powerful design element.

12. Hidden Kitchen Appliances

More and more we’re seeing that people are liking their kitchen to not be so obvious. Hidden Appliances in Kitchen RemodelAppliances that display a cabinet outer face, or even referring to this picture, custom storage to disguise the kitchen essentials. We are seeing that clients want their space to look uniform, and appliances hidden away. Simple and clean-cut.

13. Electrical Fixtures

Carrying over from the previous decade, and probably forever. One area of the kitchen that really has no limit as to what you can find. It’s the final touch that really seals the deal on a picture-perfect kitchen. Always make sure that they provide enough light for the space they are going to live in, but have fun with it! Kitchen LightingLighting also acts as a conversation piece because they can be as unique as the individual picking it out so don’t be afraid to go for something more daring because this is the easiest piece to update as kitchen trends change over the years.