Home Improvement To Cure The Winter Blues

Quick winter home improvement projects you can knock out with the least amount of disturbance to your indoor daily routine!

We spend a lot more time indoors during the colder months. Whether the space starts to bore you, or you need something to keep you busy, this is a great time to implement some changes to improve your property. These winter home improvement projects will not only keep you busy, but could increase property value, save money, or just make your space that much more enjoyable!

Revamp your Walls

Changing up some walls by painting, add crown moulding, or decorating. Crown moulding itself is not very expensive, but the labor could be. Home Depot has a tutorial that could help you with the basics if you want to attempt this project yourself! Adding some flair to a room by purchasing art, or painting is a small improvement that makes a big difference. 

Add a New Kitchen Back Splash

Picking out a colorful or simplistic (depending on your kitchen aesthetic) is an excellent way to improve this space. It will make your countertops and cabinets stand out by adding a low key flair to your cooking space. The cost of this upgrade will depend on the tile you pick out, and size of the space but there are also plenty of DIY instructions online to help you save on the cost of labor. 

Change Light Fixtures

Lighting is a cost effective way to update your space and add some personality to your home. Changing outdated lighting is a small but significant change   

Update Bathroom

A more costly approach to winter updates, but always an excellent way to improve your home’s value!

Seal Openings and Air Leaks

According to EnergyStar, sealing openings and air leaks can reduce noise from outside, improve humidity control, deter pollen, dust, and insects, and lower chances for ice on the roof. Sealing windows and doors with help with energy consumption and will also lower utility costs! 


This could include painting, replacing, or resurfacing the doors. This will eliminate cracking, chipped paint, and scratches. Replacing the door hardware, like door handles and hinges, can also make a huge improvement.