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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Cost?

Kitchen Remodel Costs: How Much You Can Plan To Spend For What You Want Achieved

There is no cookie cutter way to estimate remodels. Contractors spend a lot of time pricing out these estimates for potential clients, then a lot of people see the final number and experience sticker shock. It’s no secret, this is not an investment for the faint hearted! It’s difficult for someone who has little to no experience within the industry to possibly know how much things really do cost. It can be hard for even the best of contractors to price out kitchens, given the complex nature of every unique space.  The purpose of this article is to help you gauge a general understanding of what kitchen remodel costs to expect with the type of work you are looking to have done.

Kitchen Remodel Costs: Break Down

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, kitchen remodel costs break down as follows:

What To Expect For Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

$5,000 - $15,000 Budget

This would typically be the range for an apartment or condo kitchen remodel costs, as the space would be smaller it limits the amount of changes you can make. This project would entail switching out light fixtures, painting, knocking out a wall, switching out appliances, or adding decorative tile. This project would also require you to do some handy work yourself, to save on labor costs! You may consider buying some of the materials yourself and hiring a handyman to install. Most contractors will avoid getting that type of work, as it is a liability, but if cost savings is your goal, this is a good option.

$10,000 - $35,000 Budget

This type of kitchen remodel range will get you a little more bang for your buck, but still expect to do some DIY. Within this price range, people typically replace counters with a budget friendly material (laminate or vinyl), add a blacksplash, change out hardware on cabinets, upgrade one or two appliances, update kitchen sink and faucet, add vinyl flooring, paint, and change out light fixtures. This remodel will help brighten your space without any big changes to the physical space. 

$50,000 - $75,000 Budget

At this point you can rest assured that you won’t have to do any of the work yourself, unless you choose to do so, in order to keep costs down. At this range people would commonly change counter tops with a premium material, install new cabinetry, change around some plumbing and electric, replace flooring, re-paint, or add a kitchen island. Depending on what your dream is for the space, there is a lot more room for picking and choosing between your need and want list! You will see a big difference in the amount and quality of materials you can incorporate into your space.

$75,000 + Budget

Within a respected budget, this is the area in which you will be able to check everything off your need list and explore your want list with more leeway. At this price range, most will put in high end appliances, install stone countertops (granite, quartz, or marble), completely change the layout of the kitchen to make it more efficient based on their specific needs, put in custom cabinets, replace windows, paint, replace trim, and add hardwood floors. Essentially, this type of remodel is a brand new kitchen!

Some other things to think about!

Depending on the goal of your remodel, any and all of this things can be interchangeable. If If cabinets aren’t on your need list, you can move that money into investing in new floors! Always reach out to your potential contractor, come up with a list of needs and wants, and budget. Prices really just reflect the quality of materials being utilized. It’s the difference between a top-mount refrigerator instead of side-by-side, or fluorescent lights instead of can lights. They are all good choices, but it’s entirely up to each individual where to spend the bulk of your budget.


When in the higher end of budgets, make sure you are working with someone that does the designing, knows structure and will not design something out of your budget. This project can be very complicated as you begin to move around cabinets, appliances, lighting, and more! Also, always plan on a little extra side cash for any unexpected expenses that may come up in the process. Complications regarding plumbing, electrical, structural factors, mold, or pests are fairly common during this type of renovation.